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Sunshine Peak
Elevation: 14,001 feet
Climbed: Aug 6, 2003
Mountain Range: San Juan Range
Colorado Rank: 53rd
Class Rating: 2
Latitude: 37.922800
Longitude: -107.425000

Maps, Profiles and Trip Reports
View location of Sunshine Peak on Interactive Map View location of Sunshine Peak on Interactive Map
Trail Map
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Elevation Profile - To Redcloud
Elevation Profile - Redcloud/Sunshine Traverse
Sunshine Peak Trip Report(s)
Maps and Slideshows
Map of Alpine Loop Region
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On the Road - Trip BeginsOn the Road - Trip Begins
Reaching the Alpine LoopReaching the Alpine Loop
Ouray, ColoradoOuray, Colorado
Black Canyon of the GunnisonBlack Canyon of the Gunnison
Royal Gorge RaftingRoyal Gorge Rafting
Redcloud/Sunshine via Silver Creek TrailRedcloud/Sunshine via Silver Creek Trail