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Mount Adams
Elevation: 13,931 feet
Climbed: Aug 10, 2010
Mountain Range: Sangre de Cristo Range
Colorado Rank: 66th
Class Rating: 2+
Latitude: 38.007296
Longitude: -105.604863

Trip Report

Aug 10, 2010
This climb turned into an unplanned Tour de Adams, rather than the planned traverse from the Willow Lake basin to South Colony Lakes.

Instead of going up and down Mount Adams from Willow Lake, I ascended the northwest ridge from South Crestone Lake. I descended the west ridge of Mount Adams for a short time, then dropped off and descended the south slope leading to Willow Lake.

This was a trailhead-to-trailhead hike of ~14 miles with about 35 pounds on my back. The extra weight was due to a pack loaded for an overnight excursion, but I instead turned it into a day hike. The extra effort required due to the pack weight was a big factor in not making the traverse to South Colony Lakes.

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