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Pacific Peak
Elevation: 13,950 feet
Climbed: Jul 22, 2012
Mountain Range: Tenmile Range
Colorado Rank: 61st
Class Rating: 2
Latitude: 39.423144
Longitude: -106.123039

Trip Report

Jul 22, 2012
The small summit of Pacific Peak was flanked by steep cliffs on the north face. I was a bit unsteady on the talus, so I didn't get too adventurous near the edge of the cliff during the final ascent.

I had to leave the summit quickly, since thunder was in the vicinity and rain started to fall. After putting on fleece and a rain jacket, I picked my way down the wet talus below the summit while listening to thunder reverberating through the area.

I climbed the Northeast Slopes route from the Spruce Creek Trailhead. The total distance of the climb was 11.4 miles, according to my GPS unit. This was a bit further than the guide book suggested, but I was off-route for a while during the descent.

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